Pray for your marriage

Pray for your marriage

How long have you been at a lost about what to do about a difficult situation in your marriage? Have you talked to your Heavenly Father about this situation? Are you afraid that He will not answer when you call or have you been living outside of His will for your life and think that He does not have time for you because He hates you for what you are doing?

God knows everything about your situation and the truth is that He knows everything about you even that which you do not want Him to know. Even though this is so, He is still waiting for you to call on Him so that He can speak to you. Therefore, stop hiding your face from Him because of what you may have done. God will not turn away from you if you are willing to turn to Him. Call Him, He is just a prayer away.

Consider the following scripture –
James 4:10 – Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.

If you are not satisfied with the condition of your marriage you have the option of doing something about it today. Whether you feel your marriage is stuck in a cycle that you cannot get out of or you desperately need to find a way to stop the ongoing conflicts that’s damaging your marriage, you can do something about it today.

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