God’s Marriage

God's Marriage

God’s Marriage

The Color of Marriage Devotional

Today’s Devotion – God’s Marriage

Is God in your marriage or is He standing by waiting to be invited into your marriage that actually belongs to Him, God’s marriage. Just in case you didn’t know, God is the creator of the institution of marriage, not some governing authority as some may think. Since this is the case, we owe it to God to live out marriage in accordance with His standards and not the standards that belongs to anyone else. When you reach this understanding, then it’s not hard to see why you should invite God into your marriage. Because it belongs to Him, it is God’s Marriage. 

When you take possession of something that belongs to someone else, you are, (or should be), obligated to take care of it the way the person that the object belongs to requires it to be taken care of. For instance, when you find yourself using someone else’s home, rather long term, or short term, they will have a list of requirements that you will have to agree with before you are allowed to take possession of the home. God’s requirements for marriage should be seen the same way. Once we take possession of God’s marriage, the one that He puts in our hands to take care of, we should have already agreed to the terms that God set forth for marriage before getting married, which is one of the reasons why premarital counseling is very crucial for anyone looking to get married.

Do you know the terms that God set forth for marriage? If so, are you living them out in God’s marriage, the one that He put in your hands to take care of? It’s never too late to invite God into your marriage so that He can either go over the terms that He set forth for His marriage, or help you live out those terms that you may already know in your marriage, or maybe He needs to do both. Either way, invite God into your marriage that He already owns, so that he can help you understand and live out His marriage, in accordance with His standards. When you do this, your marriage will last, as long as you willingly live out God’s standards for God’s marriage.

Key passages of scripture:

Matthew 19:4-6, Romans 12:1-2, & Ephesians 5:21–33

Next steps to take:

Discuss and pray with your spouse about getting to know God’s plan for marriage along with learning how to live out God’s plan for marriage as well.

We are here to help, we offer online Christian Marriage Counseling that will help you with living out God’s plan for marriage and resolving conflict in marriage, instead of going through the motions in a marriage that is less than desired where you are living like roommates instead of living like a couple who wants to be married.

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