How Much is Your Spouse Worth to You?

How Much is Your Spouse Worth to You?

When husbands and wives value each other, Great Things Happen!

Husbands and Wives are most of the time worth more than the estimation given to them by their spouses.
When we stop and think of everything that they do on a regular basis to add value to our lives, our estimation of their worth would increase substantially.

How much is the wife worth who forfeits or places her career on hold to take on the career of managing the affairs of her household?

How much is the husband worth who works hard so that his wife can stay at home to manage the affairs of their household and provide a secure place for their children?

How much is the wife worth who makes sure that the affairs of her household are taken care of properly even though she works outside of the home along with her husband?

How much is the husband worth who provides love, security, and protection to his wife and children and helps out around the house as well?

How much is a wife worth who provides companionship to her husband as well as love and affection to her children?

How much is a husband or wife worth who prays for their spouse and makes them feel secure in their relationship with one another?

This list could go on and on; however, I hope that you see what I am trying to say.

We can only appreciate our husbands or wives when we regularly recognize the value that they add to our lives everyday!
Move Your Marriage to Greatness

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